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Social Service

Social Service

Oikoshreem, Social Service

Oikoshreem social services are making this world a better place to live. Under our social service domain, we cover all the required steps for social benefit. We believe that serving society is like serving God; hence we have our hands spread in all directions like women empowerment, education, nursing homes, and many more.

Empowered Women Empowered Society.

At Oikoshreem, we believe that empowering a woman is equal to empowering the whole society. Women are the backbone of social well-being; through proper skills and training, they fertile everyone surrounding them. We provide self-reliance programs for women where we train and motivate them. Our workshops empower women to develop a financially independent attitude. We combine the power of women and strengthen their community. Our brand has a deep concern for the apparent state of women at unaware places where they are suppressed and dominated for self-interest.

Consistent Evaluation & Monitoring

At Oikoshreem, we have a strong team for Research Studies and Surveys. Here we develop constructive procedures to evaluate Social Behavior. As we know, the more we evaluate the situation, the better our understanding of what needs to be done becomes. Our research team contributes to social development with upgraded equipments and right-curious minds.

Books Build Foundation

Education is fundamental and holds a special role in society. An educated person has more chances of living a reputed and standardized life. Therefore, Oikoshreem has various facilities to spread awareness and basic education. We also train skilled people with better practical knowledge. Skill development under Oikoshreem aims to empower young blood to earn on-ground knowledge in their fields. On-ground skills like communication and others become indispensable as they look for jobs.

Each Life Matters

Human rights at Oikoshreem are stepping in every possible way to make the Earth a better place to live. We value each life on the ground; thereby, we make sure Justice is served to anyone who requires it. We provide free services and lifetime support to establish better relations. Our services are customized to the situation of the victim. Oikoshreem also supports various old-age homes as each life matters. We ensure that persons there, leverage all necessities to live a comfortable life.

Justice Is Fundamental

Living in a society where everyone is running behind success, we ensure no one is crushed by injustice. As once said by a wise man, “Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied”; hence we ensure that Justice is served as fast as it could be. Our volunteer specialists work on the same grounds ensuring to serve their best and fight back for what is right.

Health & Hygiene

We can provide all the needs for medical treatments. We adhere to all societal conventions to lessen our operations' environmental impact and ensure that patients make the entire use of medical facilities. Moreover, supporting Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, we nourish various sanitation programs to ensure hygiene and sanity in society.