A 360° business vertical incorporating various fields of Work.


Oikoshreem Healthcare Private Limited

We are a leading Healthcare consulting & Services Company, powered by an entrepreneurial spirit, that provides healthcare services for clients across the globe.


Oikoshreem Infotech Private Limited

One of the leading Application Development, Digital Marketing Companies, which has spread its wings in various other fields like Digital Marketing, Web Development Bulk SMS & IT Services.


Oikoshreem Trust

Our goal at Oikoshreem Trust is to create an inclusive India by developing a holistic approach to solving our country’s complex development problems and advancing its shared ambitions.


Oikoshreem Financial Solution Private Limited

One of India’s top well-diversified non-banking financial services providers is Oikoshreem Financial Solution. We provide comprehensive lending, financing, and asset management services to a wide variety of clients across the nation.


Oikoshreem Infratech Private Limited

We leverage technology, market research and analytics to deliver real estate consulting services that meet the personal and business goals of our customers.


Oikoshreem Realtors Private Limited

At Oikoshreem Realtors, we take pride in maintaining the highest standards of quality control and client service. The best calibre real estate development, management, and investment services are at the heart of what we do.

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A Gist Of Major Ventures

We have got in place our entire work and we present it to you here:

Persistence, Consistency And Discipline Can Take You Places

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What They Are Saying

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Rohit Saxena

Oikoshreem Healthcare services are a life changer. They are up whenever required and the treatment provided is of the best quality. I would recommend Oikoshreem to everyone for their continued support and care.

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Michel D'souza

Properties and lands provided by Oikoshreem have an essence of worthiness. The roots are so sought out that the building has to be the best among the rest. Big cheers to Oikoshreem.

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Rakesh Mehrotra

I have been a part of Oikoshreem since the beginning and Oikoshreem is like a boon to the IT sector. Their services are smooth and effective in spite of major digital threats in today's time.

Author image
Aadil Anwar

Finance is a major part of our life and being the best financial service provider in the market solves many issues. Oikoshreem has set up certain standards in the field and is serving the people at full speed.

Why is Industrialization Important?


Rising Standard of Living


More Job Opportunities


Higher Labor Productivity


Increased National Income


More Qualified Workforce


Goods available in abundance and variety

What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is a continuation of the Third Industrial Revolution (3IR), often known as the digital revolution, which took place between the 1950s and the early 2000s and gave rise to the Internet, computers, and other types of electronics. With the help of four fundamental disruptive technology kinds (examples are provided below), Industry 4.0 expands the scope of these inventions' potential.

Connectivity, data, and computational power

Cloud technology, the Internet, blockchain, sensors

Analytics and intelligence

Advanced analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence

Human–machine interaction

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), robotics and automation, autonomous guided vehicles

Advanced Engineering

Additive manufacturing (such as, 3-D printing), renewable energy, nanoparticles

Oikoshreem On the Rise

Major Projects Completed

Education for Orphans & Destitute Children

Women Empowerment Project

Health Related


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