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About Us

About Us

-About Our Company-

Broadcasting Our Scope With Oikoshreem

We are a reputable Lucknow-based real estate consulting services company. Our clientele is global, and we assist them in matching their assets with their long- and short-term personal objectives. Excellence in our service is made possible by our strong and extensive ties with international and Indian developers, promoters, and investors. Our team at Oikoshreem Infratech Private Limited combines technology, analysis, and research to offer our clients cutting-edge solutions and successful investments. We are able to offer unmatched service quality and a wider range of safe and secure investments because to our solid global relationships.

We work with a wide range of assets, including real estate for hotels, offices, and retail stores. Developers, owners, occupants, institutional investors, and public sector organisations all around the world can benefit from Oikoshreem Consultancy’s real estate and urban economic consulting services. Our staff makes sure that tailored solutions are in line with the main business objectives of our clients for the whole range of services offered, including development, occupational, and financial advice. The experience of our seasoned specialists, the basic pillar of our service offering, is what sets apart our team. These experts are dedicated to thoroughly comprehending the unique demands of each client when negotiating difficult real estate challenges and using a solution-driven approach. This guarantees that our clients may make wise real estate decisions, cut expenses, add value, and improve performance by utilising the strategic counsel offered by our team.

The Process We Believe In

We are proud of the calibre of our work, the chances for personal development we give our employees, and the contributions we make to the communities in which we live. We are a leading real estate consulting services company with an entrepreneurial attitude that offers clients all over the world end-to-end real estate purchasing & selling services.

We rely on technology, market analysis, and analytics to create real estate consulting services that satisfy our clients’ individual and professional objectives. To give our customers the best possible service, we have solid relationships with the best real estate developers. We want the most resolute customers to do business with us and the resolutest employees to work for us. That’s all there is to it. We deal with a wide range of assets, including real estate for hotels, businesses, and industries.

We value cooperation and recognise that success requires sharing. We uphold moral principles in all client interactions, and we behave honestly and responsibly. We aspire to be extraordinary because we believe in excellence.

CMD Message

We strive for excellence in our business. Our organisation has the drive and ambition to offer services and goods that help consumers make better financial decisions. We work to satisfy our consumers while keeping up with the real estate sector and offering cutting-edge goods that are integrated from conception to completion.

We are able to keep up with the demands of change because to the work of our constants’ credibility and our future outlook in the sphere of investment and real estate consultancy services. Our initial moves toward reorganising our company were motivated by a desire to better ourselves and meet the needs of the Indian and global real estate markets for products related to residential and commercial projects.

Due to the diversification of activities within the real estate industry, the growth of the real estate market, the evolution of investment theory, and other factors, it is critical for the management of the company to understand the value of specialisation and work toward a clear vision and goals in order to be successful.


To satisfy customers while adding value for stockholders through professionalism, openness, high-calibre products, innovative technology, and social responsibility


To be the top provider of real estate consulting services with a global presence and to serve as our clients’ first choice for meeting their needs in all areas of real estate.

Our Values

The OIKOSHREM has always aimed to be an organisation that is driven by processes and values. These principles continue to guide the company's development and operations. The six key OIKOSHREEM values that guide our business decisions are:

Customer Focus

Managing expectations of stakeholders and Driving customer centricity.


Continuous Improvement to differentiate our products/ services.


Ability to ensure business continuity. Quality, Safety, Business Environment Change.


Deliver what is promised.


Be the best in what you do


Speed of decision making & execution


“Fast paced, enthusiastic, professional, dynamic team behind OIKOSHREEM”

We have put together a group of experts with a broad range of functional knowledge. The diverse skill sets of each employee have contributed to OIKOSHREEM’s renown as India’s top provider of real estate consulting services.

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