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Development At Its Best

At Oikoshreem Realtors, we prioritize maintaining quality control and client service standards. The best caliber real estate development, management, and investment services are at our heart.They are frequently included in zoning applications, which must be submitted to the appropriate permitting organisations when making an application. Homeowners can draught them themselves, but depending on the situation, architects, surveyors, or engineers are typically hired to create them.

Services Offered

House Construction

In general, a quick explanation of the fundamental procedures in house construction is provided.
  • Planning
  • Permits
  • Preparation of Construction Site
  • Foundation Construction
  • Superstructure Construction
  • Punch Lists
  • Building Warranty Period
  • Customized Interiors

  • Interior design is more about the process than the actual work your designer does. What differentiates is the process.
  • Custom interior solutions are a variation on the basic prototype that allow the owner to include their preferences and taste. While not all brands provide modification, the majority of franchisees provide various levels of property customization.
  • While closely collaborating with the brand to ensure prompt approvals and the correct vendor relationships for your FF&E, our integrated, in-house process includes customization of interior spaces, FF&E, finishes, artwork, and even the lighting.
  • Even while you can opt to merely partially design your hotel, such as the lobby, terrace, courtyard, rooftop, or guestrooms, doing so at any level adds a special appeal.
  • DPR Services for Road Construction

    A Daily Progress Report (DPR) is a log of all the daily actions and events occurring on a construction site. It is used in civil engineering and construction. They are also known by other names, such as construction logs, site journals, and daily site records. These reports often contain details about the status of the project, the amount of materials used, the caliber of the work produced, delays, problems with regulations, etc. Additionally, they contain crucial information such as operating schedules, contact information, roles and responsibilities, locations, weather, time spent, etc.

    Road construction

    In order to adhere to legal or official standards, roads must be built with an engineered, uninterrupted right-of-way or roadbed that crosses geographic barriers, has levels low enough to allow for automobile or foot traffic, and is required.

    Legal Services

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