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Oikoshreem Infotech Private Limited

Oikoshreem Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

Oikoshreem Infotech Private Limited

Oikoshreem Infotech is a Lucknow-based, highly regarded IT software company. The “OIKOSHREEM INFOTECH” company, a software development and design pioneer, expertly creates apps and software. We are a growing mid-sized IT company that offers IT solutions globally.

Services Offered

SAAS Firm Dealing into Goverment as well as Private Sector

SaaS companies are businesses that use software to offer services to clients. These companies independently develop, host, and update the product. SaaS enterprises can expand without raising their costs of product delivery and have immediate access to a limitless global market. We are full-fledged SaaS Company. SaaS is altering how businesses operate. These products allow data to be distributed online and accessed from any web browser on a device. SaaS providers are still hosting the software and provide assistance to its users.

Expertise in-his HMS Solutions in Healthcare Industry

A hospital management system is a computer system that facilitates in the efficient execution of the jobs of healthcare practitioners and helps manage information connected to health care. They oversee the data for all healthcare departments, including,

Pioneered Pinnacle Edtech Projects

The abbreviation “education technology” is “EdTech.” It provides education and training to students, employees, and other users through the use of computers, computer programmes, and educational systems. In addition to the hardware and software used in what is commonly referred to as “remote learning,” “distance learning,” or “online education,” the broad field of education technology also includes theories of learning and expanding research into the most efficient ways to impart new knowledge and skills to people. One of the pioneer EdTech companies, Oikoshreem, offers training and certification for current and future workers in the financial services sector.

UK BPO Projects as well as Domestic BPO Projects

Businesses use business process outsourcing (BPO) primarily for the front-office and back-office portions of their operations. The term “back-office functions,” sometimes known as “internal business functions,” refers to support activities like accounting, IT services, HR, quality assurance, and payment processing. Customer relationship management, marketing, and sales are a few examples of front-office activities and corporate operations that relate to or serve current and potential consumers.

Efficient Digital Media Marketing Solutions with Trackable end-to-end Branding

Everyone needs to become visible to their target audience, regardless of the type of business they are in, in order to be able to sell. It is made even more difficult to stand out from the crowd by the intense competition on top of it. You may have already taken some action to comprehend the fundamentals of digital marketing. But in today’s world, knowing alone is insufficient. You must become familiar with a few useful tools and programmes if you want to integrate digital marketing strategies into your company’s operations. Naturally, those who know how to use the correct instruments are in high demand. We offer digital marketing services as well as certain crucial tools that can increase productivity and streamline corporate operations.

An Advertising Agency

At Oikoshreem, Advertising becomes easier for your business. We are a 360° solution-driven advertising agency in Lucknow. From local businesses to Global, we have solutions for all business types. Oikoshreem is one of the leading Application Development companies. Counting on the advertising solution, we get everything according to market demand. Later with services like Digital Marketing, Web Development, Bulk SMS & IT, we are supporting businesses to become more visible.