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Oikoshreem Healthcare Private Limited

Oikoshreem Healthcare pvt ltd

Oikoshreem Medical Supply into Government

We are glad to serve society after becoming a medical helping hand for government dispensaries, hospitals, and supported pharmacies. Oikoshreem Health Care is a superior vendor being a supply partner to various government branches. We deliver medicines with accurate date pricing and be the government's reservoir for all their medical needs. We evolve long-lasting relationships with all our clients. After appointing Oikoshreem Health Care as your medical supporter, you will leverage outstanding services. Below are in-depth about our services.

Shreem Medicity – A Unit Of Oikoshreem Health Care Pvt. Ltd.

Shreem Medicity is an ongoing project of Oikoshreem Health Care whose aim is to offer a wide range of services delivered by highly experienced and internationally renowned Physicians & Surgeons along with many of nationally recognized & talented nursing staff and dedicated support teams. The proposed hospital would be multi-specialty tertiary care unit. The hospital would have 150 beds in the first phase spread over a total built up area of approximately 1,00,000 sq.ft. Our clients can relax as only 100% authentic medicines are effective. Get access to global-level medicinal supplies. At Oikoshreem, we have all types of prescribed or non-prescribed drugs. We cater to all the requirements of the client.

Surgical Equipments and Furniture Supply

Oikoshreem Healthcare is one of the leading suppliers of Hospital furniture and equipment. Situated in the capital of Uttar Pradesh, Oikoshreem is leading their client’s heart PAN India. Customer demand is on priority for us, therefore we get our customise equipment or furniture on demand. We double-check on all parameters before supplying our items. We make with High-Quality Standards & Assurance.