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Medical Supply into Government

Medical Supply into Government

Oikoshreem Medical Supply into Government

We are glad to serve society after becoming a medical helping hand for government dispensaries, hospitals, and supported pharmacies. Oikoshreem Health Care is a superior vendor being a supply partner to various government branches. We deliver medicines with accurate date pricing and be the government's reservoir for all their medical needs. We evolve long-lasting relationships with all our clients. After appointing Oikoshreem Health Care as your medical supporter, you will leverage outstanding services. Below are in-depth about our services.

Get access to foundational medical services.

We have long experience when it comes to medicine. Being a manufacturer and distributor of medicine in the region, we deliver all the therapeutic drugs demanded by the clients. Our clients can relax as only 100% authentic medicines are effective. Get access to global-level medicinal supplies. At Oikoshreem, we have all types of prescribed or non-prescribed drugs. We cater to all the requirements of the client.

Up-to-mark medical equipment

Whether it is an Electrosurgical unit or stethoscopes, medical equipment is the basic foundation for any organisation. Oikoshreem Health care counts all the essentials under their services. Read below to find yours-

Thermometers & Stethoscopes

Surgical lights


Electrosurgical unit

Surgical tables

Electrocardiogram (ECG) machines

Anesthesia machines and more

Well-finished furniture

Furniture builds a better ambience for the hospital. Strong and durable furniture by Oikoshreem adds value to the special needs of the hospital. We Include hospital beds, classy medical racks, tables, chairs, and others to keep our services market-oriented.