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Expertise in HIS/HMS Solutions in Healthcare Industry

Expertise in-his HMS Solutions in Healthcare Industry

What is Hospital Management System (HMS)

A hospital management system is a computer system that facilitates in the efficient execution of the jobs of healthcare practitioners and helps manage information connected to health care. They oversee the data for all healthcare departments, including,






Operation theater






Since its introduction to hospital administration in 1960, HMS has evolved and kept pace with technological advancements while improving healthcare facilities. In the modern world, patients manage their own healthcare through the use of their mobile phones, which helps to meet their needs.

Why is HMS important for a hospital?

HMS was developed to address the challenges associated with managing all of the patient paperwork related to each hospitalization's numerous departments while maintaining patient anonymity. HMS makes it possible to handle all patient paperwork in one location, which frees up staff members from having to organise and analyse patient paperwork. We work on the same system. Our HMS performs a wide range of tasks, including:

  • Maintaining the medical records of the patient
  • Maintaining the contact details of the patient
  • Keeping track of the appointment dates
  • Saving the insurance information for later reference
  • Tracking the bill payments.
  • The following can be used to identify HMS's benefits:

  • Time-saving Technology
  • Improved Efficiency by avoiding human errors
  • Reduces scope for Error
  • Data security and correct data retrieval made possible
  • Cost effective and easily manageable
  • Easy access to patient data with correct patient history
  • Improved patient care made possible
  • Easy monitoring of supplies in inventory
  • Reduces the work of documentation
  • Better Audit controls and policy compliance.
  • Features of Our Hospital Management System

    Appointment Management

    Appointment widgets will be put onto hospitals' websites if they have their own websites. On the hospital's website, patients may easily make online appointments.

    Billing Management

    Radiology, lab, and treatment billing integration. When a discount is authorised, notifications are delivered. Automatic due capture, before- and after-consultation billing options.

    Prescription Management

    Manage recently taken and frequently used medications. Option to display a list of drugs the pharmacy has available. Patients receive SMS prescriptions.

    Discharge Summary

    Based on a template, discharge summary. Integration of ICD10. Choice to delay the discharge summary till the IP bill is paid.

    Operation Theatre Management

    Patients may be automatically notified of test results. The Automated Lab notification module sends test report notifications through email and SMS.

    Pharmacy Management

    Stock, Prescription Integration, Ward Request, Stock Management, Stock Moment, and intelligent reporting are all taken care of by comprehensive pharmacy management.

    Lab Management

    Complete order management, Custom Reports, Smart Notifications, Credit Settlement, in-depth MIS Reports, Analytics, and App for Phlebotomist are all handled by Comprehensive Lab Management.

    Master Information Systems

    Allows you to use your palm to access all MIS data.

    Manage Multiple Locations

    A single account can be used to manage any number of branches.

    Benefits of Hospital Management System:

    We have now made clear the significance of our HMS; it is now up to you to choose the best type for your requirements and goals. Here, we provide further details about the advantages of different HMS and the effects they have on healthcare systems.

    Easy Patient data retrieval

    With only a few clicks, HMS enables easy access to all patient-related data stored on a system. The user can be given access to data such as patient history, current disease, doctors involved, test results, billing information, and many more. These facts will aid in making connections regarding the patient, such as their precise diagnosis, pertinent treatments, and medications.

    The Electronic Medical Record (EMR) or Electronic Health Record (EHR)

    This system of electronic medical records can be compared to a patient's health record. Based on the patient's name, the medical record number, or the doctor's record number, information is retrieved.

    Increased Data security

    By utilising HMS at your hospital, the patient data can be kept completely secure. It can only be made available to a small number of authorised personnel. With HMS, all of the data is kept secure by keeping the login credentials secure on a server or in the cloud.

    Improve Visibility and Transparency

    The Hospital Management System (HMS) enhances transparency and visibility across the whole management process and in all records.

    Streamline Accurate Reporting

    With the aid of current and correct records, it helps to streamline accurate reporting.

    Improved Quality Control

    The hospital's products and services are subject to better quality control thanks to the hospital management system.

    Improved Management Visibility

    Additionally, it increases the hospital's management visibility by making all patient, physician, and medication-related information and data freely accessible to all departments.

    Ease to Access System Facilities

    Authorized users may easily use management system facilities thanks to hospital management system, which also protects them from unauthorised users.

    Cost Effective

    HMS not only reduces waiting times in the hospital but also lowers labour costs by reducing the number of workers needed to operate the manual data input and paperwork system. Its adoption will reduce the amount of human interference in the system, preventing errors brought on by humans. Every hospital has various requirements; determine what will work best for you and install the appropriate HMS system.